The 2nd Step… Understanding

So in the last blog post we talked about the 1st step to creating confidence.  Some of this may sound very simple, but don’t over look it just because of that.  Most people over complicate things and that’s why they have a hard time making changes in their life.  I believe simplistic is understandable, and complicated is just pretty much interesting.

So make sure to read through the 1st step if you haven’t done so already…

The second step is going to sound a bit simple as well.. but again, don’t just push it aside because of that.  Once you’re aware that there is something that you want different, then it’s important to know what to do about getting that outcome.

The Step Of Understanding

I was running this process by a colleague the other other day who runs a synthetic turf company, and we were talking about how people underestimate how simple it is to make a change… don’t be that guy or gal.

So… when you become aware that you want to make a change in your life… in this case, you’re confidence.  You want to be more confident.  You want to feel more secure around other people… you just want to feel better.  That’s actually what it truly comes down to, but we’ll save that for another post.

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Welcome To Full Metal T-Shirt!

Welcome to!

We’re excited that you’re here.  We hope that you get a lot out of our time together.  We realize that building confidence is a big issue going on in the world today.  We struggled for a while ourselves, and we’re here to share what we’ve learned along the way to build solid confidence.

It’s amazing what happens in our lives when we raise our confidence.  Life just seems to get easier.  Things we’ve wanted for a while show up, and things we’ve not wanted around seem to fade away.  The funny thing about confidence is that we all had rock solid confidence when we came into this world, but our control was quickly turned over to other people.

How It All Started

We needed to rely on others to survive as a baby.  As we started to grow older we were always taught to care more about what others think.  We started second guessing everything because we were never taught to put ourselves first. It’s time to put YOU back in #1… and when you start doing that you will start to see your confidence build.

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